Joying Android 6.0 7 Inch Car GPS Navi Multimedia System For 2005 Toyota Sienna

Writen By: rambo rambo Posted on Dec 12 ,2017
Joying Android 6.0 7 Inch Car GPS Navi Multimedia System For 2005 Toyota Sienna

Joying Android 6.0 7 Inch Car GPS Navi Multimedia System For 2005 Toyota Sienna


Joying customer who purchased 7 inch Intel CPU Double Din Head Unit and good review following : 

Following is my original car center dashboard picture :

android car stereo for2008 ford xr6

Following is the feedback picture after installation Joying 7 Inch Double Din stereo :


But following two dash kits I purchased on amazon both not workable for installing Joying head unit .

because two dash kits' size is 173*98mm , installing Joying head unit the dash kit size need to be 178*100 mm or 178*102 mm .

Following are two dash kits which I purchased , please noted not to buy :






So I contact with Joying team , then they sold me their dash kit and it workable for installing the head unit installed on my car .

Following are something need to be attention during the installation which I experienced :

      1.The Carav is not a mount, it is a fascia, you have to remove the mounting brackets from your Toyota Sienna radio and use it to mount the Joying to the car. 

    2. You need to slip on the fascia to the Joying radio, then mount the brackets. 

    3. In order to attach the JBL Synthesis center speaker cover, you have to modify the Carav a bit. The center mounting tab for the cover needs to go further into the Carav. Thus, you need to file down or dremel the Carav by about 1/8". If you don't do that, you will break off the cover clips that rotate down into the fascia. 

    4. When you mount the Joying into the dash, the bracket is about 1/4" too short to reach the mounting nuts. That's OK, just don't torque the mounting screws too tight or else you'll bend the bracket. 

Hope this helps some future customer for your fine product.

Following are some pictures details during my installation :








If you have Toyota Sienna car and want to install our Joying head unit on your car , you can check our blog for reference .

If you still can not judge which head unit you can install on your car , please contact

we will recommend the workable head unit for you .


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